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Shirt sizes can vary greatly from company to company. A medium shirt from company A may be quite different from Company B. Please take the time to check our size chart and find what K.O.G shirt is best for you. Just because K.O.G shirts are made in Japan does NOT make them smaller than usual! The best idea is to measure your favorite T-shirt and compare it to the chart below to find your best fit. Please note that we cannot exchange shirts if you choose an ill-fitting

T-shirt size guide

For those who have found the perfect tee, but are unsure about sizing, we’ve created a t-shirt size guide. Use this to find the perfect King of Games shirt!

Please download the PDF file from the link below. Following the instructions, print it out at 100% size, cut out the strips, and paste the ends together to make your own original King of Games measuring tape, to check your exact size.

Instructions for making your measuring tape.

  • 1.Cut the yellow box into five horizontal strips along the bold lines. Glue the ends (B,C,D and E) together as indicated.
  • 2.Find a good-fitting t-shirt that you usually wear.
  • 3.Measure the shoulders, sleeve, width and length, making a note of the KOG size (indicated on the tape measure) closest to your t-shirt size. Order your KOG shirt in this size for complete peace of mind.

Please note that all shirts are UNISEX. There are no men's/women's sizes.*
 *except for our XS sweatshirts. Those are geared towards ladies.

If you have any questions about sizing, please 【Contact us】 before buying.



T-Shirt サイズ表

2.Longsleeve Shirt

Longsleeve Shirt サイズ表

3.Football t-shirt

Football t-shirt サイズ表

4.3/4Raglan shirt

3/4Raglan shirt サイズ表

5.3/4 shirt

3/4 shirt サイズ表

6.Hooded Sweatshirt

Hooded Sweatshirt サイズ表

7.Full Zip Parka

Full Zip Parka サイズ表

8.Chambray Shirt(will shrink3%after washing)

Chambray Shirt(will shrink3%after washing) サイズ表

8.Chambray Shirt(Linen15% Cotton85% One Wash)


8.Chambray Shirt(Pullover)

Chambray Shirt(Pullover) サイズ表


Sweatshirt(Unisex) サイズ表

9.Sweatshirt(Ladies XS only)

Sweatshirt(Ladies XS only) サイズ表


Kids サイズ表

Kids02 サイズ表