Based in a traditional Kyoto machiya townhouse, The King of Games (sometimes known as KOG) is an apparel design company with official licensing from Nintendo to design, produce and retail a range of video game-themed t-shirts and other clothing. In 2012 KOG celebrated ten years in the business. KOG is currently developing a new brand, Dot Like, with licensing from Sega and Namco.

Brand History

The KOG design team was formed by three young people with experience in Kyoto clothing stores. In 2002, they created their first t-shirt series, a 20-year anniversary of the Mario Bros. series. The team’s attention to detail won them high acclaim among gamers and game culture fans. As of 2015, the KOG team has produced over 90 different designs on t-shirts, hoodies and a range of other apparel.

In 2011 the team had a lineup change, with Enami taking over the top spot, and rookie Chikano making up the new-look Editmode.

In 2012 the team celebrated ten successful years in the business, and two years later Editmode became officially incorporated.

Creating a KOG product

Here you can see our dedication to quality. All of Editmode’s apparel is carefully designed from stitch one. Not only that, the materials used are completely original, woven for our shirts only.

Our fabrics are made from 100% pre-dyed 20-count cotton, giving it both softness and volume. Dyeing the thread before weaving and stitching ensures the fabric long-lasting color.

*All materials used are proudly made in Japan.

The secret behind our fabric’s amazing resistance to stretching and shrinkage lies in the stitching. The cuffs, hem and neckline are all double-stitched for extra durability. The necklines are given ribbed stitching for extra toughness and even more unstretchability.

Our first sample shirts were put through rigorous testing, involving drip-dry, machine-dry, washing and wearing, and the results of these were carefully recorded and used in the development of our products. Even the difference in color means a difference in shrinkage ratio. Taking all of the details into account, we have created the finest King of Games original fabrics.

Behind-the-scenes videos

Pocket Monsters ‘My First Partner’ T-shirt (2013)

This video shows the making of the first of our ‘Pocket Monsters’ series, released in the summer of 2013. On the day of the shirt’s release, this video was streamed to every Pokemon Center in Japan.

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary T-shirt (2012)

In 2012, the legendary Zelda celebrated his 25th birthday, and this shirt was released worldwide to mark the occasion.Watch this ‘making-of’ video as you wait for your order to arrive.


The King of Games has been licensed to sell its products worldwide since 2008.
Here’s a short video for our overseas fans about the design and printing process of KOG shirts.

Our commitment to the perfect fit

Our XS size shirts are given a slimmer 1.5 cm hem at the neck, so that the ladies can enjoy a lighter-looking neckline.S~XL tees are for men of all sizes. Simply choose your regular size for a perfect fit.

Quality packaging

We’re willing to bet we weren’t the only ones to collect as many game cassettes as we could as children. So we decided that our packaging would be in the same nostalgic box, right down to the dimensions and the materials. After negotiating with the companies who had made game packaging back in the day, our dream came true and our popular KOG boxes took shape.

The famous KOG boxes can be found in three awesome colors- blue, red and gold. We hope that they bring a little bit more of your gaming past back.

We pack and ship all orders by hand.

These days online merchandising is an important part of any business, but at the same time, it’s getting harder to see our customers face-to-face. Even through our online store, we want each and every one of our valued customers to feel our gratitude. Each order is carefully wrapped and shipped by the Editmode team.
Any questions or comments are addressed by us, promptly and respectfully.

We are (and love being) only a small-scale outfit, so please bear in mind that we may not always be able to accommodate all requests immediately. Thanks for your patience!


Tadaaki Enami, Director/designe

Enami has a hand in every KOG design. Drawing on his experience in sales at apparel stores, Enami’s strengths lie in his encyclopedic knowledge of video games and a keen sense of style. His home and office overflow with his collection of game cartridges. Nicknamed ‘The Insect Professor’ as a child for his passion for the creepy-crawly world, he now devotes his energies to creating the best items he can.


Enami says, “We try to achieve the highest standards possible, not only in designing wearable versions of these games and characters we all love so much, but in all areas of the clothing- the fabric used in the shirts, the exacting silkscreen printing processes, the stitching, the tags- right down to the information booklets and packaging. Our commitment to the very best of all of these comes from both our deep love of games, and the Kyoto craftman’s dedication to quality. But since our products are basically all hand-made, there’s a limit on the amount we can produce. That’s why we want you to find just the items you like, take care of them, and get the most out of them. You can wear them for eight years without any fading.” That’s the passion we at Editmode have for our tees. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.

Chikako Yamanaka, PR/Photographer/Web designer

An art school graduate, Chikano was recruited rather quickly into the Editmode team. The nickname given to her by Tencho stuck fast, and soon she had her own character. Not long after that, her Oshietencho blog became a fixture on the Nintendo Dream website. Chikano has the ability to draw in any style imaginable. A serious cat lover, she once spent an entire month of her university days chasing around a mysterious cat… and recording it all in a blog.


Chikano says, “I’ve always loved to create, and now I’m happy to be able to recommend our products to others. I get a kick out of sharing our work with everyone- first-time customers, women and girls, non-gamers- and making it a shop that anyone would love to enter (although we’re online…..). That’s what kind of place I’m doing my best to create in my planning and design here at Editmode. And to be able to communicate with our customers through enjoying our products- I can think of nothing more wonderful.”

Nyamu-san, Editmode Mascot/Spiritual guide

A blind mike cat adopted by Tencho back in 2013, Nyamu-hime was the beneficiary of a major operation (paid for by generous donations of many), not to mention bucketloads of love. She’s earned her keep as a member of the Editmode team. Her name comes from a character in that famous game, the one with the mouse in a police uniform being chased by a cat.


Nyamuko says, “My job is to keep these guys happy every day- and that’s something I’m pretty good at!”